Happy Monday, everyone! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the week than by watching whales and dolphins under sunny skies on the big, blue Pacific.

This morning we saw about 200 common dolphins, including one leucistic dolphin (picture below). We also got great close looks at a large, adult blue that showed its tail before a deep dive. And even though Shark Week is over on television, there are always sharks in our neck of the woods, so we got lucky when we saw a mako shark jump high out of the water in pursuit of a meal.

In the afternoon we found four more blues with several more spouts in the distance. Our sightings included a mother and her calf that stayed close by for several series of breaths. Before heading home, we were able to also locate about 100 more common dolphins and two inshore bottlenose dolphins greeting us at the jetties upon our return to Mission Bay.

See all of you out there tomorrow for 2-for-1 Tuesday!



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