I think we had a case of “The Mondays” today. The odds were against us with a 6-foot swell, heavy fog, and Navy training exercises limiting us in where we could search. Even with all of those challenges, we were still able to find a good amount of wildlife.

In the morning we saw at least five blue whales including one possible mom/calf pair. We also saw two harbor seals and 50 common dolphins. In the afternoon we found four more blue whales and caught our only set of blue whale tail flukes for the day. We didn’t find any dolphins in the afternoon, but saw yet another harbor seal and a hammerhead shark!

We are all booked for tomorrow but have availability for the rest of the week. Today was supposed to be the worst of the weather, so things should be pleasant the rest of the week!



blue fluke 7.20 shearwater 7.20 tern 7.20 blue 2 7.20 blue 7.20 blue spout 7.20 common baby 7.20