I’d apologize for posting so many photos today, but I don’t think anyone minds! Any time I see my FAVORITE sea creatures of all, the Offshore Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, I just can’t help myself! The other wildlife we spotted today didn’t disappoint either, hence this massive photo album!

In the morning we got a megapod of common dolphins (1,000 or more) and a great fluking blue whale. In the afternoon we spotted 200 more common dolphins, a curious cow/calf blue whale pair, and my personal favorite species – offshore bottlenose! We were delighted by a group of 100-150 offshore bottlenose which included a rare sighting- a common dolphin calf swimming beside a bottlenose adult. I’ve consulted experts about this sighting – check our specific photo for more details.

We are selling out fast for trips this week, so if you want to see wildlife like this, you have to book now!

Best job in the world!



common 7.27 common baby 7.27 blue fluke 7.27 sea lion dolphin 7.27 common 2 7.27 blue baby 7.27 skinny blue 7.27 blue 7.27 common bottlenose hybrid 7.27 bottlenose 7.27 bottlenose jumping 7.27 bottlenose 2 7.27 bottlenose 3 7.27 bottlenose 4 7.27 blue spout 7.26 blue fluke 7.26