Are you sure it’s Friday and not HUMP DAY? For the third straight day, we saw humpbacks off our San Diego coastline! We saw four juvenile humpbacks in total today, two of which were also spotted yesterday. Between the four of them we got lots of looks at tail flukes, tail slapping, rolling around with kelp, and even one surprise BREACH at the end of our afternoon trip!

In addition to the humpbacks, we also saw THREE different dolphin species – inshore bottlenose dolphins, Pacific white-sided dolphins, and short-beaked common dolphins!

I consulted a local researcher about our record number of humpback sightings as of late and we agreed that we’re seeing many more than usual – nearly 10 different individuals in just the last 3 weeks! We’ve been mainly spotting juveniles out on their own for the first time without their moms, and good news for us, they’re very curious about the Privateer! I know it’s technically blue whale season, but these humpback displays have been incredible! Will they stick around tomorrow? Come find out!



humpback 3 8.21 humpback breach 2 8.21 humpback breach 8.21 humpback 2 8.21 humpback fluke 8.21 humpback 8.21 bottlenose 8.21 common boat 8.21 PWS 8.21