Normally a species we see only occasionally, today was another unprecedented day of humpbacks! This brings the streak to five days in a row! Of course there’s no guarantee, but if you’re in San Diego hoping to see humpback whales, now’s a great time to come out on the boat.

In addition to the three different juvenile humpbacks we spotted today, we also found a pod of 5 or 6 Pacific white-sided dolphins in the morning and about 800 long-beaked common dolphins in the afternoon!

The highlight of the day? Not a cetacean at all, but a large California sea lion munching on a THRESHER SHARK just about as big as he was!

Many local schools are back in session, so if you’ve been waiting for the summer crowds to die down before joining us, tomorrow is perfect with very light loads on either trip.

I’ll be out there to see how long the humpback streak continues!



common 8.23 fosters tern 8.23 common boat 8.23 humpback fluke 8.23 humpback 8.23 sea lion thresher shark 8.23