BRYDES WHALE! (pronounced broo-tus)
After many possible sightings and blurry photos, we finally got a decent photograph of a brydes whale today. We know because brydes whales can be distinguished by three distinct prominent longitudinal ridges located on the animal’s rostrum in front of the blowhole. If we zoom in on our photos, we can see these ridges! We saw this whale on our morning cruise swimming out in the deeper water near a fin whale. I incorrectly identified the brydes as a fin whale out on the water this morning, but as I started looking at my photos, I realized we had a surprise! This is an extremely rare sighting for our coast and we are happy to say we found one today.
We also saw 6 gray whales on our morning trip…all heading north.
Our afternoon trip saw 2 fin whales and a great interaction with a humpback whale as it was tail lobbing. The icing on the cake were the 100+ common dolphins on the way back in.
Come out to sea with us…you never know what’s next!



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