From big to small, we saw it all today on
The Privateer! There was only one trip today, but it sure packed a punch. The trip started off with a lone Pacific White Sided Dolphin that leapt out of the water about 10 times in a row! Based on the number of times it leapt and the way it slapped the water with the side of its body, we’re thinking it was stunning prey below. Next, we saw scattered Common Dolphins all along the horizon that showed us some bowriding and wake-surfing. A Fin Whale joined in on the action and our guests got some good looks at the gentle giant. Towards the end of the trip, we saw tons of birds flocking on top of surface Krill and bait-balls full of anchovies. The ocean was teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes today, which will hopefully lead to more awesome sightings tomorrow! See you there.



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