It was a sunny and swelly Saturday on the coast of San Diego and the dolphins were out to play. The morning trip got a quick look at a pair of Pacific White Sided Dolphins. The rest of the trip consisted of a constant flow of scattered Common Dolphins, totaling about 100. The afternoon trip saw a cow-calf Gray Whale pair right out of the jetty. The mother and calf kept moving closer into shallow waters, but we were lucky enough to get a few good looks at some of the last Gray Whales of the season. It won’t be much longer before the lagoons of Baja are empty and all of the Grays will be making their way back up North. After we left the cow-calf pair, we saw a large pod of about 400 Common Dolphins that were very energetic and ready to play with our boat. We even saw some surface Krill on our way back to the dock. More krill means better chances of seeing large Baleen whales feeding on those Krill! Come out with us tomorrow and help us find some more exciting marine life.



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