Slow start to cruise, but oh, what a terrific finish! Approximately 700 common dolphins were spread over a wide area…got great looks. Started noticing “By-the-Wind Sailors” on the surface of the water as well. Heading further west, we spotted an elephant seal, 20 Risso’s dolphins–even had a pod of offshore bottlenose traveling with them–very unusual. One bottlenose breached right next to the vessel…splashing some of our guests!! Looked at another pod of about 20 offshore bottlenose in the area, and it was time to head for home. Sometimes one has to detour….Captain Ping spotted a large spout in the distance….we investigated, and got great looks at a fin whale, once surfacing right next to the Privateer. We’ll be offline due to rough seas tomorrow; however, we should be back out on the water soon…hope you’ll be on board!


fin 2 4.14 sea lion jump 4.14 fin 4.14 bottlenose 4.14 rissos 4.14 elephant seal 4.14