Bird was the word today on The Privateer! We had a 10 hour pelagic bird watching trip and saw a long list of different bird species including: Pomeraine Jaeger, Parasitic Jaeger, Sooty Shearwaters, Pink-footed Shearwaters, and rafts of Black Storm Petrels. We got a good look at a pair of Scripps’ Murrelets after the swells flattened out, which was good for our out-of-town birders. The highlight of the trip was the Black-footed Albatross that followed our boat for a few minutes, and the South Polar Skua that sped by our boat (not pictured). A few marine mammals sprinkled in throughout the trip; We saw two small pods of Risso’s Dolphins, several pods of active Common Dolphins, and a Gray Whale Cow-Calf pair on our way back into the jetties. We also had an extremely cool look at a Broad-Billed Swordfish that swam right up to the boat, showing us its iridescent purple and blue colors! Overall, it was a great day for sightings “in” and “above” the water! We had a great time with our dedicated birders, just as we always do, and appreciate their company on such a long trip. Our next long birding trip is TBD, but we have our whale watch trips going out all week long, so come join us!13087556_1176229159062480_6771392342294508806_n 13102851_1176229162395813_5797768737661028146_n 13096303_1176229279062468_3870228801230090493_n