Who says that Mondays are bad? We sure wouldn’t agree because we had a Humpback Whale and three different species of Dolphin sightings! the trip had non-stop marine life sightings from the start with three Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins inside of Mission Bay, and one more right outside of the jetties. Next, we saw a pod of about 20 Pacific White Sided Dolphins that weren’t too shy, so they gave us some good looks at their group. After that, we saw scattered Common Dolphins that followed us all the way until we reached the Humpback Whale, and stuck around throughout our time with the whale. Our Humpback Whale was magnificent, with consistent tail fluking before each deep dive, and a short dive time. We spent a while with the gentle giant and it even gave us a massive tail-lob splash without any warning! When we left our whale, we could see it actively breaching, tail-slapping, and tail-lobbing in the distance. The water was relatively calm today, and we’ve seen Humpback Whales the last two days, so let’s hope that they stick around for tomorrow’s trip. We have lots of openings and it’s a 1/2 off day, so come and join us!13102798_1177367862281943_6106274801346080866_n 13083159_1177367948948601_2168362441500737040_n 13103300_1177367815615281_533680434567110986_n 13091898_1177367812281948_2150202761742855666_n 13139179_1177367985615264_9028438039497910806_n