What a memorable Memorial Day we had here in San Diego. The afternoon’s trip was one for the books: we were surrounded by 5 Humpback Whales that were breaching, tail lobbing, and communicating with one another. They were all headed South, so we followed along for the majority of the trip and got to see some amazing acrobatic behaviors all around the boat. The morning’s trip also saw a Fin Whale that came right across the bow of our boat and one of the Humpback Whales that we have been repeatedly seeing in our waters the last few days. Both trips had lots of active Common Dolphins throughout the entire ride, filling the time in-between whales with some excitement! It was truly one of the most spectacular days of whale watching that I have personally experienced, and I am so happy that we had a boat full of excited passengers to share the memory with. Let’s hope that these whales stick around through the week and that we can continue making some memories out here with all of you!

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