Wednesday, June 15th

It was the first sunny day that we’ve had in a while on the coast of San Diego, and the first that we were unable to find a whale as well. The morning trip saw about 200 Common Dolphins that were fairly uninterested with our boat, and the afternoon saw over 1,000 Common Dolphins scattered throughout the trip. There were several large pods that we came across, and each one was different in their behaviors and composition: some had lots of babies, some were actively playing with the boat, and some were riding the big swells instead of our boat wake. There was a little bit of a swell today, but the sun was shining down, and there was lots of wildlife to be found. Tomorrow we will be back out on the water to hopefully find some more!

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Thursday, June 16th

We had quite the FIN-tastic day today here at San Diego Whale Watch. We successfully found Fin Whales on both of our trips! In the morning, we unexpectedly found a baby Fin Whale, close to shore in shallow waters where we don’t usually see them. It was unusual, but exciting nonetheless, because all we had seen before that was about 300 Common Dolphins. They were cool, swell-surfing Commons that were going extremely fast and showing us just how quick they can be. On the afternoon trip, we saw a few pods of Common Dolphins (about 100 total) riding the swell and feeding before coming across a Fin Whale, further off shore. The Fin Whale was covering lots of distance during its sounding dives, making it difficult to watch, but we tried our best to give everyone at least one good look!
Hopefully we get lucky again this weekend!

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Friday, June 17th

Breezy, whitecapping conditions on both cruises today. The morning cruise started off great….with a very brief sighting of a couple coastal bottlenose dolphins before we even entered the Pacific….then the cruise went to the birds…hundreds of terns, lots of shearwaters and pelicans, but not a baleen whale or dolphin to be found. Guests all received a re-ride ticket. Captain Cristin found two blue whales on the afternoon cruise–got great looks at the larger of the two. These giants of the deep never fail to impress everyone, including your naturalist!

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