Believe it or not, we spent our Sunday with a Gray Whale! Yes, you read that right, a GRAY WHALE! On the first trip, we searched offshore to find a small pod of about 30 Common Dolphins. After that, we headed back towards the shore to find a southbound Gray Whale!! This is an extremely early sighting, seeing as the Gray Whale migration usually doesn’t hit San Diego until late November/early December. We were shocked and in disbelief to see this lonely whale, but our eyes did not decieve us. We spent the majority of our trip with the Gray; it even breached, TWICE! In the afternoon, we caught up to the Gray Whale again and continued to follow it on its journey South. It was such a radical experience getting to see a small piece of this animal’s major migration. One that I will never forget, and one that I hope our passengers will remember for a long time.
Come join us tomorrow, you never know what the ocean might have in store for us!

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