On the 5th day of whale watching, San Diego gave to me; 5 DIFFERENT SPECIES!! That’s right, we saw 5 different species of cetaceans today throughout both trips! We started the morning off with a Gray Whale that gave us flukes on every dive, followed by about 12 Pacific White Sided Dolphins that were bow riding! We finished up the morning with two pods of Common Dolphins, totaling around 250. In the afternoon, the fun continued with a small pod of about 5 inshore Bottlenose Dolphins, a southbound Gray Whale that was a little too shy with our boat, and a Humpback Whale that was a little too friendly with our boat. After the curious Humpback came in for a close look we sped over to a megapod of Common Dolphins having an insane feeding frenzy! Today was non-stop fun, and we have trips all week long if you want to join us.