Here at San Diego Whale Watch, we’re cruising through cow-calf city!!! We spent our entire day with Gray Whale pairs that consisted of calves swimming alongside their mothers. We witnessed two of these pairs traveling together on the morning trip, paralleling the beach and weaving through the kelp forest. We joined a large pod of 200-300 Common Dolphins later on, with hundreds in the distance beyond us! These dolphins were acrobatic, communicative, and oh, so fun to watch!! We also got a great look at the ever elusive Harbor Seal this morning.

Our afternoon trip did not start with a bang..but a blow! Straight off the bow and only a few short minutes outside of the jetties! We spent a few minutes taking a look at this juvenile Gray Whale, although we had to leave it behind because it lingered too close to shore. We spotted a cow-calf pair of Gray Whales further off the coast, with a little one that looked a bit older than expected. This calf had a few thick patches of barnacles upon the rostrum and along the rest of the body. This led us to believe that he/she could have been born prior to entering the lagoons of Baja, Mexico. A California Sea Lion stole the show at one point, as she thrashed an unidentified fish (it looked to us like a bottom feeding fish, such as a ray or other cartilaginous fish) on the surface for a late afternoon snack. Finally, on our way in, we found the last cow-calf pair of the day! This pair swam directly outside of the jetties, only a short distance from Mission Beach. In addition to this final Gray Whale sighting, a pair of Bottlenose Dolphins made a quick appearance in the same area! Not too shaby for a Tuesday, right? What are you waiting for?! Come on out and catch the baby train while it lasts!