The largest animal(s*) on the planet are filling our whale watching trips with excitement this week! The Common Dolphins have been showing us a great time as well. On our morning trip today, we cruised through a friendly pod of Common Dolphins that bow-rode, porpoised and surfed right beside us. It wasn’t long before we entered BLUE WHALE territory and found ourselves right next to the biggest whale in the ocean! This Blue Whale gave us some spectacular looks, as it surfaced in surprisingly close range over and over again! Luckily for us, this wouldn’t be our last sighting of this species today..

During our afternoon trip, we spent a brief few moments with a small pod of Common Dolphins before spotting the second largest animal on the planet…a might FIN WHALE! Not only did this whale form quick, tight circles, but it also expelled digested krill (too much information, we know). This is a fabulous sign for us as we await the food-dependent return of the Blue Whales! Speaking, again, of Blue Whales..we quickly spotted our second Blue Whale of the day at the very end of our afternoon trip! Although we did not have enough time to get a close look at this individual, the enormous spout could be spotted from miles away by our passengers! It looks like all of our waiting is beginning to reward us in the best kind of way. We hope to see you soon as we continue to search for big baleen!