BLUE WHALES, FIN WHALES AND DOLPHINS, OH MY! It is almost difficult to pick a starting place to explain how incredible our day was! In the morning, we had TWO awesome Blue Whale sightings, separated by a fun pod of ~100 Common Dolphins. Both Blue Whales surfaced right next to the boat and the second individual treated us to a viewing of some beautiful tail-flukes! We also got some good looks at one of the largest kelp patties we’ve seen on the Privateer! Our afternoon trip was just as spectacular. In between multiple pods of boat-friendly Common Dolphins, we spotted TWO BLUE WHALES and ONE FIN WHALE in the same location! It was one of those “pick which whale you’d like to look at” kind of days. At one point, the Fin Whale and one of the Blue Whales approached one another and we were able to note the characteristics differentiating the two species. We even wrapped up our visit with a wave of the tail-flukes from one Blue Whale! We are astonished by the amount of life filling the Eastern Pacific lately. It’s your turn to experience a day on the water with the largest animals on the planet! Come on out!