Can you say…BALEEN?! What an AMAZING day we just had on the Privateer! On our morning trip, we joined up with a scattered pod of roughly 450-500 Common Dolphins, filled with ladies, gentlemen and little juveniles. We were able to witness mating behavior as well as some striking acrobatic maneuvers! On the lookout for some baleen, we found what we believe to be the same cow-calf pair of Fin Whales spotted yesterday. As soon as we turned away from the Fin Whales and pointed toward home, a Blue Whale surfaced right in front of us! We did not have any time left to spend with the Blue Whale, but we crossed our fingers hoping that we would be able to relocate at least one of the morning whales on our second trip.

Success! We ventured out to the spot where we last spotted the three whales from our morning trip and we found not one..not two..not three..NOT EVEN FOUR..but five, possibly SIX baleen whales! We initially spent some time with the cow-calf pair of Fin Whales from the morning trip and eventually spotted a Blue Whale in the distance. To our disbelief, this singular Blue Whale turned into a PAIR OF BLUE WHALES! In the distance we spotted yet another large spout. We are almost certain that it was from one individual of a second Blue Whale pair. Due to the fact that we did not see four whales all together at the same time, we cannot say for sure whether or not our final Blue Whale count for the day was 3 or 4 individuals. Either way, we feel incredibly lucky to be able to see so much wildlife on a single day!

The baleen is back and we’re loving it! Don’t miss out on witnessing the largest animals on the planet right in front of your eyes while they’re still here off the San Diego coast. See you on the water, whale watchers!