It was an excellent day aboard the Privateer today! During the morning cruise, we searched far and wide, and ventured ~10-miles from shore and eventually found a MINKE whale that popped up right next to us! This Minke whale was observed traveling toward the NW and then slowed down and surfaced behind us giving passengers an awesome view. We hung out with this boat-friendly Minke giving us some great looks as it surfaced slowly for several breaths. As we were heading back into the Mission Bay channel, we sighted ~3 INSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphins! They were observed on the South side of the jetties moving into the channel. The fun continued during the afternoon cruise. We pointed our nose toward the SW and sighted a FLYING FISH, and CALIFORNIA SEA LIONS along the way. We were near a Navy ship, when we spotted splashes in the distance! The splashes ended up being a nice big pod of ~400 COMMON DOLPHINS! We had an amazing encounter as they came over to the boat and bow-rode and surfed alongside the boat. We saw a couple of cow/calf pairs in the mix as well! We even witnessed a stampede as a portion of the pod started picking up the pace toward the coast! We had an amazing day filled with wildlife! We hope you join in on the adventure soon! -Vanessa