Super Cetacean Saturday just carried into Super Cetacean SUNDAY!!! Not only that, but we spotted multiple species of fish in addition to marine mammals today. We encountered a MEGAPOD of Common Dolphins this morning. They surrounded us in every direction, near and far! Leading up to these entertaining toothed whales, we found bony AND cartilaginous fishes on our journey through the Pacific. Two Ocean Sunfish and a single Smooth Hammerhead Shark made an appearance right next to the Privateer!
On our afternoon trip, we found an awesome pod of ~300 Common Dolphins that came right on up to check us out! We were itching to see a baleen whale today so we left the Common Dolphins behind to continue our search. We were in the greatest of luck because TWO Blue Whales within close proximity to one another suddenly exhaled in the distance. As we approached this pair, a THIRD spout (confirmed to be another Blue Whale) was spotted further away in the distance. We were able to get a close look at both Blue Whales that were within close range and one did exactly what we were all hoping gave us a fluke show!!!! We will be on the lookout for these gentle giants tomorrow morning. Join us on the lookout!