In our update from yesterday, I mentioned that you could be missing out if you didn’t hang out with us today…boy, was I right! Passengers aboard the Privateer were thrilled today, as we observed the largest animal and some of the fastest marine mammals on the planet. In between two amazing Common Dolphin encounters (we breezed through one handful and later found a pod of ~300) a BLUE WHALE made a breathtaking appearance at the surface. This is the same individual that was spotted yesterday, so it appears to be lingering around the same area. We were very lucky, as this blue was at the surface for 9+ breathes prior to taking a deep dive. The sun broke out of the marine layer just in time for us to witness the aquamarine glow of the whale through the surface.

If you didn’t take our advice last night to book a reservation, you still have a chance! We have one trip tomorrow morning and only a fraction of seats are taken. We expect BEAUTIFUL conditions, so we encourage our followers to take advantage of that! See you on the water.