It was a foggy day on the Pacific today! During the morning trip, we moved through a massive fog bank that limited our visibility from 50-yds to a 1/4 of a mile! It was tricky to locate any wildlife, but while in a nice clearing, we encountered a pod of ~100 COMMON dolphins! They were slowly moving toward the NW out in deeper water. In the pod, there were several cow/calf pairs seen as well as major acrobatic behaviors! We had one individual breach at the bow at least TEN times in a row! We even encountered a HAMMERHEAD shark and a MOLA MOLA (Ocean sunfish)! During the afternoon, the fog cleared beautifully, but unfortunately we came up short in the baleen and toothed whale department. But along our route, we found another HAMMERHEAD shark! We got pretty good looks as this animal did not sink out on us. Every trip is different, and we never know what we will see so we hope you’ll come out soon! -Vanessa