Gorgeous sea conditions led to great sightings of marine mammals today! During the morning trip, we started the day off right by sighting a large spout on the horizon! This spout led us to the largest animal on the planet — a BLUE whale! We got great looks as this whale surfaced several times to breathe, and even fluked TWICE as it went down for deeper dives! As we continued back toward shore, we encountered a pod of ~100 COMMON dolphins. They were traveling fast toward the West. We saw some bow-riders and cow/calf pairs in the mix. The afternoon cruise was just as awesome, as we encountered an awesome pod of ~150 COMMON dolphins hanging out right at the drop off in deeper water. While watching these majestic animals, we spotted a MINKE whale nearby! The passengers got to see good looks of the baleen whale as it surfaced several times. This individual was headed toward the SE, toward Point Loma. A MOLA MOLA (Ocean sunfish) was also observed in the Common dolphin/Minke whale madness! The holiday weekend brings lots whale watchers and and fisherman to the Seaforth landing, so PLEASE arrive early to check in and get situated! You don’t want to miss the next boat to the Pacific! Sea you on the water! -Vanessa