Pretty AMAZING day aboard the Privateer today! We had one trip that gave guests incredible looks at FOUR HUMPBACK WHALES! There were three adults, and one yearling/juvenile that were seen North of La Jolla, only 5-miles from shore! Among the Humpbacks was a huge pod of ~400 COMMON DOLPHINS! Some were seen escorting the three adults as they were seen traveling toward the South. We got great looks at these majestic creatures as they surfaced for about 5 breaths each time and had short dive times of 4-5min in length! We saw some synchronized surfacings as one Humpback would surface and then another, and then another! Flukes by all four individuals were seen, both near and far in proximity to the vessel. Interestingly, we noticed the yearling/juvenile was spotted swimming almost 300-yards away from the main adult trio, but still headed in the same direction. The energetic Common dolphins as always, were a delight, as they came over to check us out and to bow-ride! The water was so glassy and calm, that we could see them subsurface and all the way down to 10-feet below! A few California sea lions were seen in the mix, often glancing up at us as they usually do! We never know what we will see when we set our nose of the Privateer out to the Pacific, but we are always in awe by what nature has to offer! We hope to see you soon! -Vanessa