Another beautiful day on the water today! As we set out for the day, we exited the Mission Bay jetties and sighted a single INSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphin that was headed toward the North. We pointed our nose toward the West toward deeper water and encountered a very spread out pod of ~200 COMMON dolphins! Splashes from these dolphin were visible for 2-miles as they traveled slowly toward the SE. We have never seen them so thinned out before, but many still surfed our wake, rode our bow and porpoised all around us. Several zoomed over to check us out. A couple of cow/calf pairs were also seen near the Privateer. We went South, following the pod of Commons and eventually hugged the coastline, back up North, in search of any early migrating Gray whales, but none were to be seen. Tomorrow, should be gorgeous, so we hope you’ll come out to enjoy the ride! -Vanessa