The Privateer had a beautiful time on Lake Pacific today! The sea conditions and visibility were superb! We couldn’t have asked for a nicer time. During our single trip today, we searched for wildlife toward the North, and encountered a different kind of Black & White dolphin! We found a big pod of ~60 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED dolphin right off La Jolla! It was a very special encounter, as we tend to see smaller pods ranging from a handful to maybe 20 individuals. This pod was traveling toward the North, exhibiting mellow, “SoCal vibes” and behavior. Some individuals were interested in us and came over and bow rode the vessel. Some were seen playing in kelp strands, moving it from dorsal fin to tail fluke. A few energetic individuals rolled around, flashing us their bright white bellies. A couple younger dolphins were seen swimming slowly next to larger adults, likely cow/calf pairs. On our way back home, we sighted a single Harbor seal that was seen resting on the surface! The Pacific white-sided dolphin are only here for the winter so we hope you’ll come to visit with them soon. We will continue our search for Baleen whales tomorrow! See you there! -Vanessa