It was a beautiful day on the Pacific today. As we set out for our first trip, we had a quick glimpse at two INSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphin as they were traveling South across the Mission Bay jetties. We continued on, searching far to the SW and had great luck in finding TWO HUMPBACK whales! They were slowly traveling toward the South with short, 5-min dive times. One individual consistently picked up its flukes upon diving while the other was a little more stealthy. One of the Humpbacks swam and rolled through some kelp! Guests were even lucky enough to hear one of the Humpbacks trumpet blow! To round up the trip, we sighted a single HARBOR SEAL in the Mission Bay channel. Our luck turned completely around for the afternoon trip as it slowed down quite a bit in terms of marine mammal sightings. We searched far and wide, but no baleen or toothed whales were seen! During this part of the year, it can very unpredictable when we will see whales as we are in between seasons, but as the morning trip proved, we can be pleasantly surprised. We hope you’ll come out and see us soon! Gray whales are starting to make an appearance as they migrate South to the Baja Lagoons and tomorrow may be the day we see another one! See you on the water! -Vanessa