It was a Wacky Whale Wednesday aboard the Privateer! We were graced with a large pod of ~200 COMMON DOLPHIN and a TRIO of HUMPBACK WHALES! As we were headed West toward deeper water, we saw a long line of splashes in the distance. The pod of Common dolphins were very energetic and came over to the boat to bow-ride and surf in our wake. Not too far from that pod, we sighted several blows from the Humpback whales! These very large, full grown whales were traveling South at a moderate pace. While waiting for them to re-surface, they changed direction and appeared behind us. They were likely feeding in the area, as we noticed some bait on our fish finder equipment. These Humpbacks had short dive times of only 5 to 6-min and surfaced several times to breathe. One individual picked up its head higher out of the water a few times, likely checking us out! Beautiful pectoral flippers were seen subsurface as one individual had them set higher, alongside its body during our entire visit. Numerous flukes were seen as they arched very high, lifting the flukes into the sky. Humpback whales have been sighted lately, so if you’d like your chance to see one, come out on our next scheduled trips on Friday! Sea you on the water! -Vanessa