Nature is so unpredictable! We started the day out with a huge fog bank nearshore. While in Mission Bay, we only had 30-yds of visibility around us. After getting out to the Pacific, it opened up to 3-mi of visibility. We set out toward the West, and found a nice, really spread out pod of ~100 COMMON DOLPHIN! Some rushed to the bow to catch a ride. Others were seen milling and moving very slowly toward the West. We continued our search for baleen whales to the South, and then eventually traveled North along the coastline. During the afternoon, we had great visibility, seeing far up North to La Jolla, and South into Mexico. Sun rays were illuminating the horizon beautifully. We continued toward the West, and while glassing with our binoculars, numerous, large, bushy spouts were sighted! We had found 5 or 6 HUMPBACK WHALES traveling toward the South! While on approach, a pod of ~20 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN were seen traveling with ~10 COMMON DOLPHIN toward the NE! While watching them, a single Humpback whale was seen thrashing its flukes! It went for a deeper dive, not before raising its flukes. We ventured on toward the big group of Humpback whales and witnessed spout after spout, as they surfaced for breaths! We observed five cycles of spouts, backs, and sounding dives! Since we were close to 13-miles from the dock, and only a couple miles from the US-MX border, we pointed our nose toward Mission Bay. Along the way, we came across, three more pods of Common dolphin, totaling the trip at 360 individuals! We couldn’t have asked for a better day! Hope you come out soon, as we have been seeing Humpbacks lately and Gray whales are on their way! -Vanessa