I’m sure you’ve heard of Super Cetacean Saturday by now but have you heard of Super Cetacean Sunday?! We were not expecting to encounter RISSO’S DOLPHINS this morning! As we were scanning the horizon, a set of tall, dark figures appeared in the distance. We approached the area to find the highest count of Risso’s that we have ever recorded on The Privateer. Between 70-100 (conservatively) individuals covered a great distance within many separated sub-groups. We couldn’t believe how many Risso’s appeared within a 2 mile square area. We even saw a few shockingly high leaps and breaches!! It was absolutely incredible. At one point, we found about 4 Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins mingling with the Risso’s as well. As we always say, you never know what you’re going to find on the water! We are offline tomorrow but you definitely want to book your seat for Tuesday while you still have a chance! See you out there, whale watchers!