Where do we even begin with such an INCREDIBLE day to talk about?! We had high hopes this morning but we did not expect to encounter 4 HUMPBACK WHALES intermingling with TWO different species of toothed whale! Captain Brian spotted multiple spouts on the horizon as we scanned around the boat and approached the area to find three surface active Humpback Whales! The whales spent long periods of time at the surface, rolling, spy-hopping, lunging and interacting with handfuls of Pacific White Sided Dolphins AND Common Dolphins! On multiple occasions, they exhibited feeding behavior alongside the dolphins, sea birds and Sea Lions. We were surprised by one powerful breach from one of the Humpbacks!! The same individual remained consistently active at the surface. It lunged repeatedly, spy-hopped, chin-slapped, exposed its rostrum for extended periods of time and played with the dolphins! All three of the whales mugged us multiple times, approaching us head-on and charging toward us curiously as we drifted. It has been a hot minute since our entire crew was left in awe as we were today!

During our final observations of the Humpback trio, we realized that a FOURTH Humpback Whale had entered the area! Initially, it seemed to be investigating the group we had been watching. After a moment, it quickly turned to swim in a different direction away from them. We wish we could have enjoyed an afternoon trip today with the possibility of finding this amazing group once more. Maybe we will get lucky again tomorrow! They were moving slow and feeding which gives us some high hopes! We hope to see you out with us tomorrow for another great day.