What a day we had aboard the Privateer! During the morning cruise, as soon as we left the Mission Bay jetties, we sighted a spout from a Southbound GRAY WHALE! There were even a few scattered PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN, totaling ~7 individuals. We continued on out to deeper water but did not see any wildlife. On our way back in, only one mile from shore, we found a very active Southbound GRAY WHALE! It was rolling around, swimming on its back all while ~10 PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN swam around it. We even saw it spyhop a couple of times! During the afternoon, we had another great trip! We found three species of toothed whales! First, we sighted ~9 INSHORE BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN entering the Mission Bay channel. Then in shallow water, moving along the coast, we encountered scattered pods of several PACIFIC WHITE-SIDED DOLPHIN, 50 individuals in total. Then out in deeper water, we found some amazing COMMON DOLPHIN! There were ~150 in this very active and feeding group of dolphin. We are counting on seeing more Gray whales as they migrate South, so we hope you’ll join us soon! -Vanessa