We aren’t sure if there could be a better way to kick off the weekend than watching BREACHING whales and non-stop cetacean action!! What a spectacular morning on the water. Our passengers and crew were lucky enough to see FOURTEEN southbound Gray Whales within a single, three-hour trip! We encountered a few singles and multiple pairs throughout the day. One of the Gray Whale pairs astounded us with their extensive surface behavior. We witnessed belly-up sub-surface swimming, body rolling and one of the whales breached over ONE DOZEN times! It was so difficult to wave goodbye to such a great pair. Luckily, the action never stopped. We spotted a friendly, interactive pod of ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins as well as a stampeding pod of ~100 Common Dolphins. Both species were highly curious and spent much time playing with our boat. Throughout the day, we could only spend a few short minutes between sightings, as wildlife popped up in every direction! It was absolutely incredible for everyone on board The Privateer. If you missed out today, you still have plenty of time to visit us on the water. But hurry! Gray Whale season will be over before you know if you wait too long. See you all tomorrow, whale watchers!