What a gorgeous day, full of sunshine and good sightings! We spotted two juvenile Gray Whales today, one in the morning with no clear direction and one northbound individual in the afternoon. The first Gray Whale of the day was eastbound and appeared to be circling/milling the area instead of moving strictly north or south. We were able to get some great looks at this particular juvenile, as it traveled toward the coast. It even raised its flukes slightly, prior to one of its deep dives! In addition to one Gray Whale, we found two separate handfuls of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins throughout the trip, all of which took enough interest in us to bow-ride in front of the boat. A pod of ~40 Common Dolphins also made for a nice treat, as they were super surface active and fun to watch! We encountered one northbound Gray Whale this afternoon that also appeared to be a juvenile. At one point, this Gray Whale took a turn toward The Privateer and we observed as it briefly approached us head-on! As we watched the whale, Common Dolphins showed up to join the party! Double-digit masses of dolphins charged toward us to check out the boat before heading toward a feeding frenzy of birds. Luckily, the feeding frenzy took place in the middle of our route home so we were able to cruise through it after we left the Gray Whale behind. What a great day on the water! Until tomorrow, everyone!