We had an AMAZING day on the water! Mother nature treated us to some incredible conditions and exciting wildlife sightings. We encountered a group of SEVEN northbound Gray Whales this morning, traveling closely together! We noticed an entire spectrum of life stages, from young juveniles to sub-adults and full grown adults. Luckily for us, they traveled fairly sluggishly and we were able to see a few sets of flukes as they prepared for deep dives. We also found a fun pod of ~150 Long-Beaked Common Dolphins that bow-rode and swam along with us until we were ready to turn home.

On our afternoon trip, we briefly encountered an elusive juvenile Gray Whale. Unfortunately, we were only able to witness one tiny, puffy spout before the little whale gave us the slip. Fortunately, we decided to head out to deeper water and found a super surface-active pod of ~150 Short-Beaked Common Dolphins!! They were visible from ~3 miles away, as they launched out of the water and produced gigantic splashes on the horizon. As soon as we got into the middle of the pod, they charged toward The Privateer and showed us some exciting aerial acrobatics! Not a minute could have been wasted on such a great day to be on the water. We will be offline tomorrow and back at it on Thursday. See you then, whale watchers!