We had a pretty nautical morning aboard the Privateer today. Despite the bumpy seas and drizzly conditions we managed to find FIVE Northbound Gray whales! Our first set of Gray whales was composed of a cow/calf pair and a juvenile. They were traveling side-by-side with with 4-5 breaths per cycle and short dive times of only 2-5 minutes. We were lucky to watch the mother arch her back and show us her flukes before going for a deep dive. We continued out to the West, reached the drop-off and turned around as the seas started to build. Only 15-min after turning, we found another pair of Gray whales. We watched them as they crossed our bow and continued on their journey back up to their feeding grounds in the Arctic. Overall, it was great day on the water. We are on the second leg of the Gray whale migration, so book now before the season is over. -Vanessa