The Common Dolphin action has continued to amaze us! We were lucky enough to enjoy a full day of Common Dolphins (both Long-Beaked AND Short-Beaked) and feeding frenzies. We were greeted this morning at the mouth of the channel by an Inshore Bottlenose cow-calf pair that surfaced numerous times beside the boat. Shortly after clearing the jetties, we encountered two small pods (~30, ~60 animals) of foraging Long-Beaked Common Dolphins. They swam belly-up while sea birds and California Sea Lions honed in on balls of bait. We also spotted a larger pod of ~200 Short-Beaked Common Dolphins that were very surface active. A final pod of Common Dolphins was observed on the way in, consisting of ~20 individuals. On our afternoon trip, we started off with some more feeding action from a small group of ~20 Common Dolphins. We traveled all the way out to the Nine Mile Bank and spotted a pod of mystery dolphins. We believe they were a handful of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins! unfortunately, we did not have enough time to investigate and confirm the species. We expect BEAUTIFUL conditions tomorrow and have plenty of reservations. Come spend EARTH DAY with us tomorrow! We’ll be searching for the largest animals to have ever lived on the planet. Trash/recyclables received: 2 mylar balloons