Happy EARTH Day from San Diego Whale Watch! We had an awesome day on the water, spending our time with nature. During the morning cruise, we had some amazing sightings of Common dolphins! We sighted three separate pods that were very fun watch. Many came over to check us out and bow-rode the vessel. We sighted some cow/calf pairs that traveled alongside the vessel. We zoomed out to deeper water and almost ~12.5 miles from Mission Bay, we got lucky and encountered a large pod of ~50 Offshore Bottlenose dolphin! PATCHES, the leucistic bottlenose dolphin was also seen in the mix. During the afternoon, we had another great trip! We started the trip off by encountered a cow/calf pair of Gray whales! They were seen right outside of the Mission Bay jetties. We got to see the calf pop up right next to its mother! We get too far and found a scattered pod of Common dolphins. We sighted a total of ~100 Common dolphins for the afternoon. Many were seen foraging on small schooling fish in shallow water. We set our heading for the NW and found another active pod of Common dolphins that were very interactive. Some courtship behaviors were seen too! Trash/Recyclables: Three Mylar balloons, and a bouquet of latex balloons were successfully retrieved! It was a great day on the water! Hope to see you soon! -Vanessa