It was a gorgeous day on the Pacific today! We had calm, flat sea conditions with very little wind. Scattered patches of fog greeted us as we started our trip this morning. That didn’t stop us from finding a few pods of Common dolphins! The first pod was enjoying breakfast during a mini feeding frenzy! We saw many marine birds diving into the water taking advantage of small forage fish. Common dolphins were very busy hunting for prey. We sighted another pod not too far away that were also feeding. Some Common dolphins were observed swimming upside down, belly-up as they chased fish. We sighted a single Harbor seal resting in some kelp in shallow water. We enjoyed the ride out to the NW and traveled along the drop-off up to La Jolla. Great looks of the San Diego coastline were seen as we cruised down back to Mission Bay. Baleen whales were not seen today, but we are going to try again tomorrow! Trash/Recyclables: FOUR Mylar balloons were successfully retrieved! We are transitioning from Gray whale season to Blue whale season right now, which means we have the possibility of seeing a lot out there! Book now to experience a fun time on the water! -Vanessa