It was a beautiful day on the water! Passengers enjoyed calm seas and incredible visibility. We started our trip out with a nice small pod of ~20 Common dolphin that were headed South in shallow water. Many popped up around us and traveled by us. We journeyed to the SW and found ourselves 10-miles from shore. While out there, a couple of pod of Common dolphin were sighted. One pod was sighted too far away for us to reach, but luckily another pod of ~50 Common dolphin popped up very close to us. They were initially traveling to the SE, headed straight for us. We got some great looks as they passed on by. Some came over to check us out and surfed in our wake and rode the bow. A few cow/calf pairs were seen the in the mix. So many different behaviors were observed such as breaching, tail-slapping, and porpoising. We searched far and wide for big spouts on the horizon but none were seen. We are in between Gray whale and Blue whale seasons so come try your luck soon! Trash/Recyclables: THREE Mylar balloons were successfully retrieved! -Vanessa