No one had the BLUES today on this FIN-tastic Friday!!! It was another great day on the water, filled with exciting Common Dolphin action, a FIN WHALE sighting AND the second BLUE WHALE sighting of the year! We cruised through hundreds of Common Dolphins today and it seemed like the extension of splashing would never end. Even after attempting to leave them behind, the dolphins stuck with us and bow-rode for miles outside of the location where we originally spotted them. Shortly after clearing the dolphin activity, we found a FIN WHALE in ~2,400 feet of water! We got a few great looks at it before pointing the boat back toward Mission Bay.

We were already ecstatic about the Fin Whale and were shocked when a BLUE WHALE surfaced next to us on our way home in 258 FEET OF WATER (very shallow for a Blue Whale)!!! It was incredible to see the two largest animals on the planet within the same three hour trip! We did not have too much time to spend with the Blue Whale, but we were lucky enough to witness it surfacing numerous times in good proximity to the boat. We had so much fun with our group of passengers today! We’re always happy to have enthusiastic, excited people on board and we can’t wait to be back on the water tomorrow. See you out there, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: 1 mylar balloon