We couldn’t call it SUPER CETACEAN SATURDAY without the largest animal on planet Earth. That’s right…it was another exciting day of BLUE WHALE watching! The same individual (confirmed by dorsal fin photo ID) that was spotted yesterday morning is still lingering off the coast of San Diego. On our morning trip, the Blue Whale was seen circling around the area and surfaced numerous times around the boat. We were excited to find out that the whale had recently fed and it looked relatively healthy overall. After leaving the Blue Whale behind, we encountered a great pod of hunting Common Dolphins that worked cooperatively to school bait together! It was an incredible morning for everyone on board and we crossed our fingers for another re-sighting of the Blue Whale. We were in luck!!! The Blue Whale was spotted once again on our afternoon trip. After crossing our fingers for two days, we FINALLY witnessed he/she fluking! We were all ecstatic when it arched its back and slowly raised the tail as it prepared for a sounding dive. If that wasn’t incredible enough, the Blue Whale approached us HEAD ON and we were able to get some amazingly close looks at it! What a FANTASTIC day to whale watch. We can’t call it Blue Whale season yet (much too soon to call it with certainty) but we are excited to see them visit us again this year. Keep an eye on our recent sightings to find out if they stick around! See you on the water, whale watchers.