Who doesn’t love SUPER CETACEAN SATURDAY?! Your crew and the lucky passengers of today surely did! The largest animal on the planet, the mighty Blue Whale, made an appearance during BOTH trips. In the morning, we spotted two individual Blue Whales and observed one of them for numerous cycles at the surface. This whale was far from boat-shy and popped up right in front of our bow as we were waiting for it to resurface. We could HEAR the exhalation as he/she released the air from its giant lungs. In the same general area, multiple pods of Common Dolphins surrounded the boat in all directions. We cruised through as many as we could until we estimated ~350-400 dolphins in total! We spotted countless NEWBORN baby Common Dolphins and some enthusiastically acrobatic individuals. We also pointed out a few Harbor Seals throughout the trip. What a treat for everyone on board!

Our afternoon excursion was just as amazing! We took a different course-line, hoping our Blue Whale sightings would cover a large range of water along the coast. Luckily, we spotted multiple Blue Whales! We observed one at close range and were lucky enough to see the BEAUTIFUL underside of the flukes as it positioned itself for a deep dive. In addition to our exciting baleen whale encounter, the Common Dolphins were a sight to see this afternoon! Nearly 100 dolphins were seen stampeding, surfing and launching out of the water! Overall, we had such a spectacular day. Boy, do we love Saturdays on The Privateer. Hopefully tomorrow is just as good! See you out there, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: 2 mylar balloons