Monday Cetacean Madness! We had some amazing encounters with baleen and toothed whales. We started our trip with an awesome sighting of ~5 Inshore Bottlenose dolphins that were traveling into Mission Bay. There was a cow/calf pair seen in the mix. We set our course to the West and searched for ~10-miles and finally found Common dolphins! There were a few scattered subgroups observed traveling from deeper water toward the coast. There was a couple hundred dolphins all around, with more splashes seen out in the distance. Due to time constraints, we started our journey back toward land but to our surprise, a juvenile Fin whale surfaced right in front of us! We got to see its head, back and dorsal fin as it arched it back for a deep dive. We waited around for it to resurface, but a huge spout was sighted 2-miles North of us! We ended up finding a cow/calf pair of Blue whales! They surfaced several times, while even simultaneously exhibiting double spouts. We got to see arches from both the mother and her calf. The seas were amazingly calm and we had very little wind. It should be nice for the rest of the week, so hope you come out and enjoy the ocean with us! Trash/Recyclables: ZERO Mylar balloons! -Vanessa