It was a nice, calm day out on the water with amazing visibility and smooth seas. We encountered many small, scattered pods of Common dolphins during our trip. We estimated a total of 630 individuals during our tour. They were extremely active, riding our bow and doing high acrobatic jumps that kept our guest very engaged and excited! We did see 2 Blue whale spouts in the distance, as we approached 1 of them, the whale decided to go on a deeper dive. Unfortunately, we were not able to relocate the whale after waiting a total of 18 minutes for it to resurface. At this point, to maximize our time, we decided to head further North to explore and see what other wildlife we could encunter. All in all, it was fantastic trip seeing so many dolphins scattered for miles and miles. A sight you don’t see every day! Come join us on our next trip tomorrow! Trash/ balloons: 0 Naturalist Jaeny