Common dolphins stole our hearts today! We observed numerous pods all around us, throughout the entire day. During the morning, we encountered six different pods, ranging from just five individuals to more than 200 dolphins. Every pod was unique in its own way, as some raced over to us, to surf in the wake or bow ride! Many aerial behaviors were observed as they porpoised beside the Privateer! The total number of Common dolphins encountered for the morning trip was ~425 individuals! A few Mola mola, (or Ocean sunfish) and a California sea lion was also seen along the way. During the afternoon, we ventured out to the West, and found five different pods of Common dolphins! While out in deeper water, one of those was a megapod, which we estimate is ~1000 dolphins! They were traveling in a dense line toward the SW. These Common dolphins were very acrobatic and launching out of the water. We got out to 14-miles from shore! We searched far and wide, but no baleen whales were seen all day. We will be out tomorrow, with high hopes. Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!!! See you soon! -Vanessa