We were SOLD OUT this morning for an ACTION filled Hump Day! What amazing conditions we had with glossy seas and fantastic visibility! We immediately received a report of a Blue whale sighting about 8 miles offshore so we went for it! We came across a beautiful adult, that wasn’t shy and gave us some incredible views of its entire body as well as it’s tail fluke. Right after, we encountered a very active pod of short-beaked Common dolphins that came to interact by riding our boat’s pressure waves. As we were gazing at the dolphin action, another Blue whale spouted just a couple hundred yards away from us! It was a wonderful surprise as we watched with total excitement! After spending a few moments with these dolphins, we got another report of a breach just about half a mile in front of us. We continued west and discovered a juvenile Humpback whale! Everyone on board was ecstatic! We got some great glimpses from this whale and even got a shot of it tail fluke! Unfortunately, we could not spend more time with the humpback so we pointed our nose back to Mission Bay but got to encounter more common dolphins along the way! It was definitely an action, filled HUMP DAY here at San Diego Whale Watch! Come out and join us tomorrow ,Thursday for only $29! Blue whales-2 Humpback whale-1 Common dolphins- ~150 Trash/Balloons-0 Naturalist, Jaeny