We’re happy to announce that the BLUE WHALES ARE STILL HERE! Three different individuals were spotted today. We started the day off with a morning trip full of Common Dolphin activity and a once in a lifetime Blue Whale encounter! Both Long-Beaked and Short-Beaked Common Dolphins were observed. We passed through pods of increasing size until nearly ~450 were counted! As always, the Short-Beaked showed off their crazy aerial acrobatics! While viewing the dolphins, an animal of a much larger size was spotted..the largest animal on the planet to be more specific. A Blue Whale surfaced closely ahead of us and did not hesitate to circle our boat at breathtakingly close range. We could only hope that our luck would carry into the afternoon!

The afternoon trip was just as special. THREE Blue Whales, including the individual that was spotted on the morning trip, were spotted. We got some great looks at two of the three whales as they circled the area. This typed of circling behavior, as opposed to traveling, is of key importance to us as whale watchers because it is a great sign that something (likely high food production) is drawing them into the area and keeping them around. In addition to some fantastic Blue Whale sightings, we also found an acrobatic pod of Short-Beaked Common Dolphins. The encounter was filled with extensive surface activity and tiny calves that swam alongside their mothers!

The Blue Whale season is still in FULL SWING off the San Diego coast. We hope you all will take advantage of it with us soon! See you tomorrow, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: 3 mylar balloons