Boy! Was it beautiful on the Pacific ocean today! We had incredible visibility and flat, calm seas! Today, was a toothed whale kind of Monday. We found a pod of ~75 Common dolphins that were traveling to the NW. They caught our eye due to all the splashing and acrobatics we could see from far away. We observed awesome aerial behaviors such as porpoising, and breaching! Many cow/calf pairs were seen as well! We set out to the North and found ourselves near La Jolla. We encountered a small pod of ~12 Inshore Bottlenose dolphin. They were traveling slowly to the North along the coast, right outside the kelp forests. They were separated in two subgroups. They were curious and came over to check us out many times. Some even occasionally bow-rode the Privateer. While out West, we even sighted a Mola mola (or Ocean sunfish) and a curious California sea lion. Trash/Recyclables: ONE Mylar balloon and a NOAA weather balloon successfully retrieved! Every time we set out on the Pacific, we never know what to expect. So we hope you’ll join us on our next adventure soon! The ocean is calling you! -Vanessa